"Mr. Wehrle nicely walks the delicate line between dramatic psychosis and histrionics."

-Peter Marks, The New York Times

Thomas hails from Buffalo where he grew up with his five brothers and two sisters (hence the dramatic psychosis and histrionics). He started acting early in life, mainly as a ploy to avoid various ass-kickings. Now he acts for the sheer joy and fulfillment of it, although he feels it would be more satisfying if he could make a living doing it. Memorable plays that Thomas has graced with his talents include: SOUTH OF NO NORTH, AVENUE A, KILLER JOE, PIG, TRACERS, AMERICAN DREAM, HELLO OUT THERE, LOS BESOS and JACK AND THE BEANSTALK. Thomas likes wood, good food, good wine, his family and good women. He dislikes nepotism, cool people, and bios.

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